Denarius D-1800

Heavy Duty Coin Sorter

A high quality, tank-tough coin sorter !

  • Metal quality identification and foreign coin sorting function;
  • Self-learning function for customization of coins around the world;
  • Adjustable coin dropping width on coin rail;
  • Adaptable for connecting to computer and interior printer (optional).
  • Continuous sorting function (optional);
  • With flip down coin drawer;
  • With cloth coin bag and moveable shelf stand (optional).
Counting Speed 600pcs/min.
Hopper Capacity 600pcs under free counting.
Pocket capacity 200pcs under continuous sorting function
Pocket Capacity 500-1200pcs
Countable Coin Diameter 14-31mm
Countable Coin Thickness ≤8mm
Power Source AC220V/50HZ or AC110V/60HZ.
Power Consumption ≤50W
Unit dimension 700(L)×300(W)×420(H) mm

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