Denarius D-15

Automatic High Volume – Heavy Duty Coin Counter: The D-15 allows safe and precise high-speed counting of large coin batches in one feeding. It is the perfect solution for fast, accurate and reliable coin counting.

  • Counts a pre-adjusted quantity and stops after reaching batch size.
  • Integrated bag holders allow to directly store the counted coins.
  • An integrated auto feeding hopper drives the coins inside the machine for counting and sorting.


* Basic Function: Accurate Counting And Adding
* Hopper Capacity: Up To 10000 Coins
* Processing Speed: Up To 3000 Coins Per Minute
* Coin Diameter: 14-34mm
* Coin Thickness: 1.0-3.5mm
* Batching: 0-9999
* Led Display: 6 Digit
* Power Supply: 220v 50hz/110v 60hz
* Power Consuption: 55w
* Dimension: 258×418×380mm
* Packing Demension: 350×490×440mm
* Net Weight: 12.5kg
* Gross Weight: 14kg
* Options: Customer Display, Off-Sort Bagging Attachment

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