The new 50 Euro banknote

On April 4th, 2017 the new 50-Euro note will be put into circulation

Now the release date for the new 50-Euro note is fixed. On April 4th, 2017, the new 50-Euro note will be put into circulation and will provide more security. The most commonly used denomination of the Euro is the 50 bill. With the revised and improved security features, it will be even more difficult for counterfeiters to imitate it. The usual brown-orange color as well as the motives remain at the new 50-Euro note. Also, the banknotes of the old series need not be actively exchanged by the consumer. Their validity remains the same and the central banks are gradually withdrawing the old notes from circulation. The introduction of the second series for the rest of the Euro-sorts is also to follow the fifties rapid.
Another major change that the new 50-Euro note entails is, that the banknotes are no longer assigned to the particular central bank. So far, one could determine with the initial letter of the serial number, which central bank is responsible for the printing. For example, the “X” stood for the German Bundesbank. Starting from the new 50-Euro note the serial numbers start with two letters, which refer only to the printing plant but not to the central bank.

The European Central Bank will still be a step ahead of the counterfeiters. This is why the ECB wants to start planning for a third series with the completion of the second Euronote-series. As stated in various media reports, the members of the Executive Board of the ECB regard the cash as a still remaining method of payment. This is why planning for future counterfeit protection must be continued.